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About Us

Welcome to, the official site of Brunches of Boston. At Brunches of Boston we are ALWAYS DTB and are working hard (or shall we say hahd) to enhance brunch culture throughout the city and greater area. To better understand how we’re doing this, let us explain how we began.

Our founder is a brunch enthusiast who upon moving to Boston found it excessively difficult to find credible brunch recommendations. Each weekend she would search tirelessly online, in local magazines and papers looking for suggestions on where to go to brunch only to find the same few places continually showing up. There was no resource for people to find a place to brunch in Boston based on their location or what they are looking for. And so, Brunches of Boston was born with the intention of providing honest brunch reviews at restaurants throughout the city. As we’ve grown, our commitment to editorial integrity has not changed and has made Brunches of Boston, Boston’s largest and most visited brunch specific review database. Our signature review criteria, which includes six measurements of brunch experience (breadth of menu, price, food quality, taste, atmosphere and portion size) has been used to review hundreds of restaurants, all which are available on and our social accounts @BrunchesofBoston. Want to write for us? Click here for more info.

In addition to providing customizable brunch recommendations, Brunches of Boston further promotes brunch culture by hosting events throughout the city. We pair with local businesses and restaurants to create awesome brunch events like Brunch Fit™, Beauty Brunch, Boozy Brunch, Brunch for Dinner and many more. Want more info on Brunches of Boston events? We have a variety of events running each week, check out our Events page for details and tickets. If you’re a local business or restaurant and want to partner with Brunches of Boston, shoot us an email at We’ll get back to you as soon as we can about scheduling a custom event.