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75 liberty
75 on Liberty Wharf

The atmosphere at 75 on Liberty Wharf is unparalleled. It's right on the water and has a large outdoor seating area. It's evident that the waterfront view is what makes this brunch and is clearly reflected in the hefty prices. The brunch menu is comprised mostly of what we would consider lunch options (things like salads and sandwiches) but does also include your staple brunch items like eggs and french toast. Pictured here is the "75 omlette" and the French toast (they've since switched to raspberry French toast). The quality of the food is very high, as would be expected from this caliber of restaurant and the matching prices. The ingredients taste fresh and the French toast is perfectly dense yet fluffy. The homefries could use some work as they are a bit too much like dinner potatoes for our liking. The portion sizes are reasonable so you'll leave full but not overly stuffed.

Alie Sockol
Alie square