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Asgard Irish Pub & Restaurant

The Asgard Irish Pub is on the outskirts of MIT in Cambridge. It’s not your typical dark, dive-y Irish pub; the authentic-looking medieval decor and the large, airy space make it feel a bit higher end. This is a dynamic place where you can bring your family during the day, do a group boozy brunch, or go out to later at night. The brunch menu is a medium size, with a good mix of American dishes and a few with more Irish influences, such as the Full Irish Breakfast and the Corned Beef Hash & Eggs. We recommend you start with an appetizer of truffle tots (no, these aren’t on the brunch-specific menu, but we couldn’t resist). Crunchy+cheesy+carbs=perfection. For a restaurant that isn’t really known for their brunch scene, all the ingredients seem pretty fresh, and don’t have a greasy “bar food” feeling at all. Everything is tasty too. The Southwestern Fried Eggs is a soupy dish combining baked beans, eggs, avocado, pico de gallo, and goat cheese, which of course is an amazing combo (although they went a little heavy on the baked beans). Wash your meal down with a glass of their refreshing Pomegranate Sangria and you’re good to go. The dishes are average sized, but you’ll still leave feeling full, especially if you opt for the tots appetizer. The prices are pretty average too, with most dishes being around $11. The Asgard isn’t a well-known brunch hotspot (yet) but if you’re in the area and in the mood for some yummy and casual fare, stop by.

Leigh Fishback
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