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Barcelona Wine Bar

Barcelona Wine Bar is a tapas style Spanish restaurant, which sounds like a pretty sweet idea for brunch. The problem though, is that while their normal menu is huge, they only offer a few brunch exclusive options, and to us many of them are similar. Pictured here is the Spanish omelette, potatoes buenas, pork and sweet potato hash, and chickpea Benedict. The food itself is good, but not blow you out of the water good. We do like that each plate is small so you can get an assortment of tastes and flavors at one meal and everything is filling. The restaurant design is cool, kind of an antique industrial feel with an old Spanish twist. It gets packed, like every table full and squished next to one another, so we recommend making a reservation before you come or coming early before the rush. Prices are good, about $7 per tapa.

Alie Sockol
Alie square