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Barcelona Wine Bar Brookline

Barcelona wine bar is AMAZING for dinner but was never a place we thought of for brunch, but boy were we wrong. On a regular night the atmosphere is buzzing and we found brunch to be the same. The restaurant is spacious inside and out, so you have options of where to sit. There is also live music to set the tone while you eat, and ladies, who doesn’t like mimosas with a side of guys playing guitars?!The Barcelona scene reminds us almost of bottomless brunch in New York- lively and full of options! The menu as a whole is full of choices; however, brunch is combined with the regular lunch/dinner menu, with a small section called “brunch tapas.” So, if you’re in the mood for mushrooms and goats cheese for brunch you’re more than welcome to order from the evening menu. We chose the omelet with goat’s cheese and the French toast. The plates are tapas portions, but we were nicely full after! The biggest delight and surprise is the bloody Mary and mimosa self-serve bar. The server gave us a glass of champagne and we could add any ingredients, including a variety of juices, bacon, spice, and fruit. For egg lovers out there like us, TRY THESE EGGS, because the omelet is perfectly fluffy and oozing with goat cheese. The French toast is large for only $6.50 and is soft and sweet, just the way it should be, with jam, fruit, whipped cream, and syrup on the side! The meal came to $24 and we’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an A class brunch!

Hayley Domin
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