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We were super excited to be asked to have brunch at the Central Square location of Barismo, a local coffee roaster who, at their flagship location, is broadening their brunch and pastry menu while still providing amazing coffee and espresso drinks. When first walking into Barismo you get the feeling of being at coffee roaster that’s also a minimalist, open café; a nice break from the busy, laptop-filled café’s we’re used to. After ordering our coffee, one regular cup of joe and one nitro-cold brew, which is super frothy and tasty, we dove into the menu, which offers a variety of breakfast dishes and pastries. While it does have a lot of brunch options for a café, you won’t find as many typical staples, like pancakes (but they do have bomb waffles), at Barismo as you would a typical restaurant. However, they have plenty of tasty dishes that will shake up your brunch for a reasonable price. We had the delight of having a mix of vegan and carnivorous dishes; all of which taste extremely fresh and of the highest quality. The lemon lavender scone was full of subtle lavender flavor and big and dense enough to split between two. The vegan oat bowl is served with homemade granola and topped with apple butter, which is nice and sweet but still tart enough to make you want more. The star of the show, in our eyes, is the chicken mole with potato and rutabaga gratin. Chicken mole isn’t a typical breakfast dish but on a cold winters morning the spicy and savory chicken with the starchy gratin is the perfect thing to thaw us from the walk over. Next time you’re in Central Square walk a few blocks to Broadway and check out Barismo for your caffeine and brunch fix!

Grady Erickson