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Capo is a relatively new Italian restaurant in Southie, and we were thrilled to dine here this past weekend on the launch day of their brunch menu! Everything about our experience was spectacular. The restaurant itself is huge, and the tall ceilings make everything feel open and airy. The decor is full of rustic Italian influences, like exposed brick walls, 19th century inspired furniture, and a cozy fireplace in the back. The service is impeccable, and wait staff is friendly and very attentive. While the menu is a decent size, it’s full of mostly classic Italian pizza/pasta dishes, and there are only seven breakfast-specific food entrees. There isn’t a ton of diversity within the minimal choices either—five of the seven entrees are egg based. HOWEVER: that ends up not mattering to us, because the food here is heavenly. We recommend you start with an appetizer of Nutella toast, plus a mimosa carafe if you’re craving some bubbly. Then onto the entrees. The lemon ricotta pancakes are thick and fluffy, but the blackberry syrup and creamy mascarpone drizzled on them is what makes the dish divine. The poached eggs come with broccolini, prosciutto, and a pesto sauce, and the savory flavors seamlessly blend together to create taste bud heaven. All the ingredients used are of the highest quality and taste incredibly fresh. Visually the portion sizes are a hit or miss, but since each dish has such strong, heavy flavors, you’ll leave feeling stuffed regardless. Prices are incredible for the high quality of food; the average brunch dish is around $10. If you’re looking to switch up your brunch game from the usual American fare, we can’t recommend Capo enough!

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