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Champs Diner

Heading to brunch after waking up from a night of boozing-and-grooving on New Year's Eve sounded like a great idea to our friends and us! However, being with a rather vegetarian-heavy friend group we decided (majority vote) to go to a Vegan Diner in Brooklyn called Champs Diner. Craving nothing but crispy potatoes and eggs we did not necessarily love the idea of tofu and seitan; however we were pleasantly surprised! When first walking into Champs Diner you’ll feel like you’re in a classic café with a quirky twist. The menu contains a wide variety of vegan breakfast and lunch options for those who like sweet or savory dishes. The breakfast enchiladas are full of vegan eggs and cheese, tofu scramble, “soysage” and adorned with sour cream, guac, and their homemade spicy enchilada sauce. All the ingredients taste like their non-vegan counterpart; fresh and so flavorful that you can’t tell they aren’t the real thing! The chicken in the “chik’n and waffles” even has a vegan-bone in the middle of the drumstick. If the taste doesn’t blow you away the portion size and price will. The breakfast burrito is almost as big as your hangover and for only $12 you won’t be disappointed. Champs Diner is a brunch spot where the only thing fake is the meat and dairy; a must stop if you’re in Brooklyn.

Grady Erickson