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Double Chin

Recently people have been requesting that we check out Chinatown's newest HK Cafe, Double Chin. They've been getting quite the buzz on social media with their hashtag #Doublechinbos showcasing outrageous looking meals that are undeniably captivating. Like a car crash on the highway, you can't help but wonder what the f is going on over there. So, last Sunday after much Insta stalking we hopped in an Uber and headed down to see what Double Chin is all about. Upon entrance the general sense of confusion and utter randomness is not lost. The ceilings and walls are pastel rainbow colors, there's a patio swing with fake ivy in the center of the restaurant and the tables and chairs are cheap. This place is odd to say the least. Next insert the menus, of which there are three for each person; the "Boozy Brunch" menu, the "Lunch Specials" menu and the regular menu. This is particularly confusing because each menu has items that could be considered brunch, lunch or dessert. There also isn't a ton of variety across the menus; for example if you are gluten free, vegetarian or other food sensitive person you are shit out of luck. We ordered the "Poutine" Your Mouth to start, Breakfast Mac and Cheese, Katsu N' Eggettes Waffles, Not so Bae-sic Breakfast, Katsu Bo Lo Baowich and some delicious alcoholic beverage that came in a pineapple. If you have no idea what anything we just mentioned is, don't worry neither did we when we ordered. It's one of those places where you have to be okay with pointing to something and eating whatever you end up with. Now, before we get on to the food we have to mention an unfortunate downfall of Double Chin... The service and wait here is without a doubt the worst we have ever experienced (yes, even worse than Coppersmith's). They brought the entrees at different times, with the first entree coming 45 minutes before any others and the second 20 minutes before the last two. Aside from taking an hour to bring the food they forgot everything else we asked for (like ketchup etc) and were seemingly unfazed or apologetic about our wait. Anyways, the food itself is AMAZING (even through we had to eat ours half cold). The combination of Chinese spices with whatever the hell else they put on the plate is divine; absolutely no changes are needed when it comes to flavor. The waffles are slightly sweetened and fluffy with crispy pork chip inside that has a contrasting spicy kick. The scallion pancakes are perfectly flaky with enough scallion flavor to tantalize the taste buds without overwhelming them. The mac and cheese is out of this world. The best way we can describe it is to tell you to imagine bathing your mouth in a pool of thick, cheesy, goey and scalliony pad thai (minus the peanut sauce). The portion sizes are huge and the prices are reasonable, with everything falling under $16. If you are an adventurous eater with the patience of a saint, give Double Chin a try. The experience is one of the most bizarre we've had but totally worth the food-gasm.

Alie Sockol
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