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Jim's Deli and Restaurant

Jim’s Deli is a very casual, diner-style eatery in Brighton. When you walk in, you can feel the sense of comradery and community the owner Jim brings to his customers by treating everyone who comes in the door like a friend. This is definitely a favorite for Brighton locals. The Jim’s Deli breakfast menu is huge, but while there are lots of options, there’s not a lot of diversity or uniqueness. Their specialties are clearly eggs and omelets, and the only two non-egg options are French toast and pancakes. If you’re an omelet lover, you can choose from 18 different specialties, such as the Western, Buffalo Chicken, or Greek omelets. They have a number of egg sandwiches too. The egg and cheese on a bagel is averagely tasty, but we recommend ordering it with a side of hot sauce to give it some more flavor. The home fries are definitely different. They’re sliced into very small pieces and we wish they were crispier, but it must be hard to avoid completely burning them without larger potato chunks. The onion and pepper flavoring is delicious though. The French toast is coated in cinnamon, but the three slices of toast are kind of thin, and overall it’s a simple dish. Next time we’ll add blueberries or bananas for some flair. We aren’t crazy impressed by the quality of food here, but of course you get what you pay for. Prices are great, with almost everything falling around or just under $11. The portions are medium sized and will definitely fill you up. Sometimes simple is better, and when you’re craving a casual, homey brunch, Jim’s is definitely the place.

Leigh Fishback
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