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Jones Restaurant

We have to start by saying that the best thing about Jones Restaurant is the $23 all you can drink Mimosas. We mean really, that's fucking awesome (thank you Philly 👌). The restaurant itself is inviting and has a high-class feel while maintaining a casual vibe. Being part of the Starr Restaurant Group we weren't the least bit surprised to see every table full, exceptional decor and a tempting menu. The majority of the people dining at Jones for brunch are your typical "young professionals" gathering on Sunday for mimosas and good gossip. The menu is medium sized and has a variety of eggs and breakfast carb options plus a selection of lunch sammies. We ordered the ALT sandwich and the "Lox, eggs and onions" with tots. Honestly, the portion sizes are disappointing. The sandwich is tasty and fresh but feels too empty, like it's missing something crucial (maybe the bacon 😂) and only comes w a side salad. WHY NO TOTS FOR THE AVO LOVERS? We don't understand. The lox and eggs is also very tasty and fresh. The eggs themselves are fluffy and have the added flavor of the caramelized onions 👌. The tots are your standard tots; no extra special seasoning or anything here but like all tots they are still awesome. Prices are reasonable with most items falling between $10-$14.

Alie Sockol
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