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McGreevy's is a staple Boston bar owned by the (Boston) Irish rock band Dropkick Murphys. Inside its decorated head to toe in vintage Boston memorabilia, Red Sox collectibles and old Irish relics. On any given Friday or Saturday night it's rocking with live music and pleasantly boozed patrons. So, when we rolled in hungover AF on Saturday morning we weren't sure what to expect. Greasy bar food would have been fine, however, we found that McGreevy's offers far more. Firstly the menu is medium sized and has TONS of gluten free options. Nearly everything they serve can be made gluten free (the Lobster Benedict shown here is on a gf English muffin). In addition to being allergy friendly the menu has a nice assortment of options ranging from sweets like cast iron butterscotch sticky buns, a plethora of benedicts and healthier options like breakfast wraps. The food quality is better than your average "bar brunch" and more on par with a mid level restaurant. In particular the homefries are delectable; crispy, well seasoned, perfect size 👌. Leave it to the Irish, right? The omelette pictured here is the most unique one we've had. Instead of the traditional form, this omelette comes baked in a bowl with all of the ingredients mushed together inside- hellz to the yeah for taste! The prices are great with nearly everything falling at $11 or under (exception Lobster Benny, which is $14). The portion sizes are appropriate and will definitely be enough to fill you up, fix a hangover and get you on your way!

Alie Sockol
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