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We came to Mistral with a party of ten, which lets be real, could have been a total disaster. But, fancy schmancy Mistral was on it and created a beautiful environment and dining experience. The restaurant itself is French inspired, clean and chic and the menu pretty much follows suit. It's large will all sorts of French(ish) meals with a unique twist. Pictured here is the jumbo lump crab and chive omelette, the homefries, and the Greek-style yogurt and granola appetizer. It's immediately evident that the food quality is A+, we mean this shit tastes GOOD and is farm fresh. So double whammy on taste and food quality points. The portions are also reasonable; we probably could have eaten more but we definitely didn't feel skimped. The Bloody Mary is delicious. It's thinner than we typically like but it has a refreshing zest to it that makes it tangy and delightful. The prices obviously aren't cheap, we mean come on this is Mistral, but given the food quality and taste they are surprisingly reasonable. We're happy to report, another great brunch!

Alie Sockol
Alie square