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Nothing completes a birthday weekend like brunch the morning after dancing the night away! Myers + Chang in the South End offers a Dim Sum Brunch on the weekends that will cure your hangover and hunger. The atmosphere in Myers + Chang feels like an Asian restaurant with a vibrant, hip twist. The food is equally as interesting. The brunch menu doesn’t necessarily cover any typical brunch dishes, rather it focuses on traditional dim sum dishes done with fresh ingredients and served with flare and a modern spin. The best part about dim sum is you get to try a bunch of things! We started with the Nirvana Chicken Congee, Salt + Pepper Calamari, and the Sweet Potato Chips + Kimchee-Yogurt Dip. The congee is gelatinous and flavorful, definitely the best way to warm up from the cold. The sweet potato chips, served in a popcorn style bucket, are crisp and go well with the spicy dip. We also tried the Tea Smoked Ribs and Kimchee Quinoa Bokkeumbap with Bulgoki. The ribs have such a depth and spice to them and basically fall right off the bone! While quinoa and bulgoki don’t sound like the most satisfying brunch foods, they really work well together and create a rustic dish that doesn’t weigh you down. The dishes range from $3 to $16 for portions that are towards the smaller side. Myers + Chang definitely isn’t a place to go to brunch every week, however it is a nice change of pace from the egg-infused mornings of most weekends.

Grady Erickson