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North street grille ig photo
North Street Grille

Apparently the Italians know what's up because just like the rest of the food in the North End, this place is amazing! North Street Grille is small and is situated off the tourist trap of Hanover in a little nook. We wish we could say it's a hidden gem, but given that every table is packed during optimal brunch hours it's just a gem that's not so hidden. The menu is stacked with everything you could want in a standard brunch and then some. Our mouths were actually watering as we read it; I mean they have cookie dough pancakes... Mind blown. But really, anything you could want for brunch outside of maybe a jicama smoked quail egg omelette, you can find here. The North Street Omelette pictured above is literally gushing with fresh lobster meat, and was one of the best omelettes we've had. Ever. The prices aren't low but not outrageous. With this scope of menu, fresh ingredients and delicious food, we challenge you to find us a better brunch in the North End!

Alie Sockol
Alie square