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PAGU is a unique restaurant offering a Japanese inspired brunch in between Cambridge’s Kendall and Central Squares. The restaurant is extremely open with a beautiful bar and very public open kitchen. Very subtle hints at the meaning of the restaurants name can be seen throughout the restaurant adding to the experience. The newly added brunch menu offers a decent mix of interesting breakfast options incorporating Asian flavors and standard brunch ingredients, as well as a good selection of the restaurant’s signature dinner and lunch dishes. The quality of the ingredients at PAGU are second to none. They even make all of their pastries in house and have excellent espresso and espresso beverages. Given these quality inputs, it makes sense that the food tastes amazing! The Okonomiyaki, a Japanese omelet made with cabbage and yam, has several independent flavors that compliment one another nicely. Even the avocado toast at PAGU is special. The ripe avocados come on house-made milk toast with the option to be served with eggs on top—salmon eggs. While the prices of the tapas-style dishes are more in-line with what one would expect from a slightly upscale restaurant, the portion sizes on most dishes are enough to leave you satisfied and the flavors really warrant the price. PAGU may not be the most typical brunch spot, however the distinct menu items and unexpected flavors make it a brunch you have to try! #brunchesofboston #brunchroyalty #DTB

Grady Erickson