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Ig friendlt toast
The Friendly Toast Cambridge

The Friendly Toast is a mecca of brunch, so if you come here expect a wait (which will be well worth it). Luckily, they are well prepared for the influx of weekend brunchers and have brunch cocktails on the patio and a "living room" style waiting area. The restaurant evokes a retro, 1950s-esque style with a fun updated flare. Despite the mass of people physically in the space, each table has enough room to comfortably seat an entire party without being on top of the table next door, which is something we largely appreciate. The menu is vast, we mean like really, really big, and includes pancake, waffles and egg concoctions (among others) to tempt all sorts of brunchers. So rest assured, no matter your fancy, you will find something here that you like. The food itself is heavenly, and full of substance- whether it's the fruit or chocolate in the pancakes, chicken on the waffles, or veggies in the scramble it is fresh, flavorful and extremely filling. We mean, just look at those portion sizes, they are massive! The prices are also very reasonable with most menu items following between $8-$12. Also, we have to give extra points for the awesome drinks (the Hot Maria is our fav). They recently opened a location in the Back Bay that we cannot wait to try!

Alie Sockol
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