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Photo nov 06  2 08 59 pm
The Harp + Bard Restaurant

The Harp + Bard Restaurant is an easy walk from the Savin Hill T Stop, and it’s easy to see why The Harp + Bard Restaurant is the place to be for Sunday Brunch. When we arrived the place was packed! This is a perfect spot to catch the game or to have brunch with your friends or family. The brunch menu is fantastic with plenty of options to choose from, guaranteeing everyone in the party will find something to eat. We had trouble picking out what we wanted to eat - there are so many great things on the menu! However, we chose to try the H+B scrambler and the breakfast burger and paired our brunch with a mimosa. The Harp + Bard has a variety of mimosas to choose from but we went with the classic mimosa. The H+B scrambler is served in a bowl with a spoon and includes ham, bacon, potatoes, eggs and cheese. We love that the scrambler is kept warm by the bowl as you eat it. At first the scrambler seems to be a small serving size, but as we ate we realized there is plenty of food in the bowl! The breakfast burger is massive. We added avocado (duh!) to the burger and had to cut the burger in halves to eat it! The patty is a little on the dry side, however the toppings and bun are fresh. The food is delicious and filling. The price ranges from $8 to $15 making it affordable to have Sunday Brunch.

Bri Rinehart