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The Living Room

Located near the waterfront in downtown Boston, the Living Room is a casual and comfy place to find yourself for brunch. Their lounge area is made up of a bar, a few high tops, but is mostly taken up with large, plush couches, which are options to dine at that give the place a cozy and very casual feeling (living up to its name). The décor itself is a little weird and tacky, but somehow that makes everything feel homey. Their brunch menu is a good size, and filled with popular breakfast favorites like chicken and waffles, huevos rancheros, and buttermilk pancakes. There’s definitely something for everyone; in addition to the regular entrée menu, they have small plate and “lighter fare” options. We tried the Southwestern egg rolls as a starter. The outside layer of deep-fried perfection is so buttery, and the rolls ooze out pepper jack cheese, black beans, and corn. The banana bread French toast is probably our favorite entree on the menu. The slices of banana bread are thick and filling, and really taste like dessert rather than breakfast. They’re not too fluffy though, more so just dense. The drizzled syrup and berries tie everything together. The eggs benedict is pretty average. There’s no added special flair to the dish, and the English muffin is a bit soggy and under-toasted. The bacon/egg/cheese sandwich fits right into the average category as well. The ingredients taste fresh and high quality, but there’s nothing that makes it stand out. At least the portion sizes are good here! We ended up bringing leftovers home. The prices are good too, with most entrees falling between $10 and $14.

Leigh Fishback
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