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The Maiden

The Maiden is a restaurant relatively new to the Southie area. Their decor is sleek yet comfortable, exuding just the right amount of class. The brunch atmosphere itself is quiet; it seems they’re known mostly for their selection of charcuterie and oysters rather than breakfast food. But in some cases quiet is good; it's a relaxing spot (even being right on West Broadway) and to top it off the service is very welcoming. Their menu is innovative, yet still pretty small, with only around 8 breakfast entrees. Hush puppies are a must to start your meal and share with the table. The warm pieces of cornbread come served with melt-in-your-mouth maple butter. One of the more “typical American” entrees is the breakfast burrito, but it’s a bit bland. It’s not served with meat so we thought the other flavors would be stronger to make up for that, but were disappointed. The breakfast sammy on the other hand is a delicious—it’s a messy mix of pork roll, a very yolky egg, melted cheddar and mayo. The “eggs in purgatory” entree has good flavors, but is nothing out of this world. Plus, a lot of the eggs and potatoes were burnt to the skillet and tough to eat. Most entrees come with incredible home fries, cooked right on that beautiful line between crispy and burnt. They have a unique flavor to them, almost similar to sweet potatoes. Lastly, make sure you try the brunch punch. The bartenders switch the ingredients weekly, and when we dined it was a STRONG pina colada drink on the rocks, which was delicious. Portions are a great size and will definitely leave you feeling stuffed. The prices are typical, with most dishes falling around $13, and a few exceptions being a bit higher.

Leigh Fishback
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