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Tico Boston

Tico is a colorful and spacious Spanish restaurant in the Back Bay. It’s beautifully decorated with bright and funky artwork, artistic lighting, and a large outdoor patio. Plus when we dined, we were serenaded with live acoustic music. Your mood will lift upon walking in the doors. Sit down and start with the brunch drinks, or “Lazy Libations”. The “You Really Got Me Going” is a heavenly mix of Kahlua, Baileys, Godiva chocolate and coffee. It’s incredibly decadent and basically dessert. We’re also a fan of the Bubble Trouble, which is a $20 bottle of champagne that comes with your choice of two juices. The food menu is impressive, with a medium sized brunch-specific section, along with other lunch options like tacos, small plates, and ceviche. The brunch section has the perfect mix of American and Spanish influences, with spicy and vibrant flavors finding their way into almost every dish. Sharing a plate of the breakfast nachos for the table is a necessity. These are some of the best we’ve ever had; they’re covered with chili, avocado, black beans, eggs, bacon, and perfectly melted pepper jack cheese. This combo should be award winning for how melt-in-your-mouth delicious it is. For entrees, we recommend either the pumpkin seed pancakes, or the Tico’s burger. The pancakes almost taste like candy because of the strawberry crunch topping, whipped cream, and maple syrup. The burger is delicious too; super juicy and topped with BLT salsa, chipotle aioli, and pepper jack (P.S. we’re obsessed with the fact that pepper jack is the #1 cheese choice here). We also tried the scrambled egg tostada, which we aren't as impressed with. There isn't a ton of flavor to the eggs, the chorizo is a bit dry, and the overall presentation is just average. Portion sizes here are amazing. Each dish has MORE than enough food, and they all fall right around $12 (the burger is an outlier at $19). We can’t recommend Tico enough!

Leigh Fishback
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